Friday, 15 February 2013

#003 Rwenzori - Mountains Of The Moon

For this week's blog, I invite you to accompany me on a journey to a mountain wilderness of strange plants, endless bogs and equatorial glaciers. Known today as the Rwenzoris and named in antiquity as The Mountains Of The Moon, it is a land of intriguing wonder and fabled legend.

On the western edge of Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic Of Congo, the saturated jungle scenery for our expedition could have been lifted from the pages of Jospeh Conrad's claustrophobic sojourn into The Heart Of Darkness. However, we took our inspiration from the trail blazing explorers of the Victorian and Edwardian times, literally treading in the foosteps of giants from the golden age of discovery.

As with my last blog, it is a timely posting, as the Rwenzoris featured in the recent BBC documentary 'Africa'. The film shown here was shot on handy cam by expedition member Bruno Baschung. It was originally intended as a personal memoir of the trip. However, when Bruno mentioned he did not have editing software, I offered to take the clips and see what I could do.

The result here is a 2 part mini-feature. So, fire up the JetBoil, fasten your boot laces and enjoy the adventure.

PART 1 (link to You Tube)

PART 2 (link to You Tube)

P.S. Since this film was produced in 2007, there is another excellent option now available starting from Kilembe and run by John Hunwick.

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