Friday 20 January 2023

#078 Your trail to the PB137km & PB270km - Part 4

Ranger Ultras' PB137km Pennine Bridleway Trail Running Challenge
Ranger Ultras' PB270km Pennine Bridleway Trail Running Challenge

Hebden Hey to Settle 

In this edition of 'Your trail to' we welcome PB137km participants to the Ranger Ultras trail running party.

At Hebden Hey, PB137 participants gather on the Wednesday evening for race registration, kit check, number & tracker issue, evening meal and bunkroom bed for the night. There aren't many convenient options for private accommodation nearby to Hebden Hey, hence the all-inclusive bed, dinner and breakfast. Which ensures everyone is on-site and ready for the PB137 start early on Thursday morning.

(Note: PB270 participants have a much wider variety of accessible, private accommodation, choices and hearty pub / restaurant meals in and around Hayfield for their Tuesday evening registration & overnight).

The fastest PB270 runners may arrive at the Hebden Hey checkpoint before the PB137 start. This is fine, we'll have a hot meal ready, sleeping and shower facilities available for you. From 2022 timings, we anticipate the the majority of PB270 runners will arrive during the Thursday and evening.

Out of Hebden Hey, participants will retrace their inbound route the 2.5km back to the Pennine Bridleway.

The course to Settle is truly superb. A scenic feast for the eyes and trails which keep on giving.

The varied surfaces invite you to make forward positive progress. Rarely on the Pennine Bridleway will you be mired in a boggy suffer-fest. 

The following recce report takes a deep dive into Hebden Hey to Wycoller...

Plus, here's John Figiel's accompanying short film...

At Wycoller, there are public toilets and a picnic area with benches, making this a ideal location to pause for a mini-break. The ruins are the 16th Century Wycoller Hall, believed to be the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte's Jayne Eyre.

Opposite is a 15th Century, twin arched, packhorse bridge. Scenes from The Railway Children (1970 version) were filmed here. Underneath flows Wycoller Beck, which is your companion on the approach to the hamlet. You'll also see the Clam Bridge, a simple rock slab spanning the beck, thought to be more than 1000 years old. Closer to Wycoller Hall is a late 18th Century clapper bridge.

You'll circle around Gisburn, a village mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book. If you think the name sounds familiar, Guy of Gisburn, of Robin Hood fame, was said to have been born here.

The Pennine Bridleway continues through the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, passing through small villages and hamlets on route. In the next edition, we journey from Settle to the finish in Kirkby Stephen.

If you like your trails experience uplifting, a feast for the eyes and full of enjoyment then our Ranger Ultras PB race series is for you. We've strived to include so many facilities all along the route: From the start, to providing beds to rest and meal after you've finished, at a price which offers great value. All our events reach out as broadly as we can to the trail running community. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this special multi-day adventure...

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