Sunday 29 January 2023

#080 Ranger Ultras - Peak District South & North Trail Running Weekend

The Ranger Ultras, Peaks District South & North is our longest established trail run.
2023 will be the 7th edition.

Ranger Ultras * low key * great value * big enjoyment * inspiring trails

Over the years we've been delighted to welcome UK and international participants, including friends from Legends Trail in the Benelux countries. In this time we've grown from Race HQ being based in a small village hall, to exclusive hire of the Peak Centre where we can offer offer space to relax, showers, bed and breakfast, for participants who need this option.

Ranger Ultras has always aspired to bring you freindly, low-key, low-impact, trail running races, with generous timings. Meanwhile, bringing as much support local buinesses as we can. Living and working in the Peak District, we're especially mindful of the impact of events on small communities. 

Therefore, we'll never overload the trails or local infrastructure. We work closely with the National Trails Authority and National Park in our planning process and donate to the upkeep of the trails too. Our high standards of event planning and trail usage meant that Ranger Ultras was the first trail running event provider to be awarded the National Trails supporter and received every year since 2019

Ranger Ultras has kept true to these guiding principles and continues to put participants' experience first before profit.

The 2023 Peak District South & North

In these current economic times of high inflation, rising prices and stagnating wages, for many folks these are difficult times. And so it's more crucial than ever that your leisure funds give you greater value and enjoyment. 

Ranger Ultras has also seen a massive hike in event costs, which has led us to change the Peak District South & North to loop routes for the 2023 edition. Doing this has enabled us to cut some costs, absorb other increases and avoid making significant rises in entry fees. 

PS&N entry link
Choose from Saturday White Peak 50km, Sunday Dark Peak 43km or both...

Stage 2 Sunday - Course Recce Report

As with all our trail running events, we aim to build comprehensive and informative resources so that both your preparation and race day itself is as smooth and seamless as possible. Leaving you focus and enjoy your endeavours on the trails. 

In this report we cover in detail from Mill Hill 11.5km to Hayfield 22.5km of Sunday's 43km route.

At Mill Hill, do not continue along the Pennine Way. Take the slabbed path to the west.
The slabs do become slippery in icy conditions.
A pair of pavement crampons / studs to fit over your trail shoes is a wise addition to your kit.

Past the Lberator aircraft wreck, which crashed in 1944. The two crewmen survived.
Up to Burnt Hill. Keep on the slabs. Don't be lured north west onto the trod leading Harry Hut trig point.

Go directly across the A624 (care!). Keep on the right of the minor road, facing oncoming traffic. There is a verge where you can step off the road itself. Use your headtorch and back light for additional safety.

Join the Pennine Bridleway and follow the trail in a southerly direction.

You can use the public bridleway to cut across the access land at Matley Moor then re-join the Pennine Bridleway. There is a followable trod and also takes your feet off tarmac.

Through the gate near Blackshaw Farm, a fixed finger post will present you with several routes. The prominently Pennine Bridleway crosses open ground. Don't be tempted to handrail the eastern fence line on your left, it will lead you well off-course down to Little Hayfield.

Around Lantern Pike. On a clear day the views here are far reaching and superb.

Cross over a minor road, continue on the Pennine Bridleway. You'll pop out near to the Sett Valley Cafe.
Turn left (south east) uphill on the pavement. Connect to the Sett Valley Trail, still on the Pennine Bridleway, which takes you east for a couple of kilometers into Hayfield. 

Before you cross the A624, Marmalade Cafe is open until 3pm on Sunday and is one of our often frequented local favourites.

Marmalade Coffee Shop

Cross the A624 (care!) using the pedesrian crossing or the underpass.

Featuring Hayfield

Opposite the church is Millie's Cafe, open until 4:30pm on Sunday.

Millies Cafe and B&B

Also in Hayfield, although not directly on our route, is Rosie's Cafe, open to around 3 or 4pm on Sunday during the quieter winter months.

Rosies Cafe also sells delightful local Peak Bean coffee

If you're reccying the course or enjoying an independent trail run, please call into support one of our established local cafe's. In times gone by, Hayfield was also known as the village with the most pubs in England. There are still five (The Royal Inn, The George, The Sportsman, The Pack Horse, The Kinder) within the immediate village itself, with several more in the close surrounding area. On our race route you'll see an excellent Italian restaurant, The Collosseo. There are also grocery shops which sell take away sandwiches and other hill-food.

Featuring Race HQ: The Peak Centre, Edale

For several years I've worked as a guest instructor for the Peak Centre. Guiding walks, bushcraft, adventurous activites and experiential learning for young people and adult groups. The centre is a superb facility for residential groups.

The centre gives us the opportunity to offer a number of race places with bunkroom accomodation and breakfast. Non-residential race places are also available and all participants are equally welcome. The Peak District South & North is a straightforward event to enter and also very cost effective for folks travelling from outside the local area. Add to this, we have a festival atmosphere in the main hall with table top stalls selling all sorts of goodies: Al's La Chocoalatina artisan chocolates, Paul's East Yorkshire Honey, Lorraine's Quilting, Georgina's Artwork, Jo Barrett's Sports Massage Therapy, Pete's Nutty Poo Bar.

Ranger Ultras PB Race Collection

As of this year, the Peak District South & North becomes part of our Pennine Bridleway race collection, with engaging sections of this classic and iconic nation trail included on the course.

Each of our PB races gives you a progression and experiential journey. From the short 18km to our multi-day 270km, you can hone your skills with us all along the way.

Our other races in our Ranger Ultras PB Collection are...

Pennine Bridleway PB270km in 100 hours Trail Challenge
(Our multi-day, expedition style, trail running adventure, journeying the length of the trail from Middleton Top to Kirkby Stephen. Brimming with quality and great value)

Pennine Bridleway PB137km in 50 hours Trail Challenge
(Journey the northern section of this iconc trail)

Pennine Bridleway PB55km 
(Hayfield to Chee Dale and back. A great day on the trail, all on the PB)

Pennine Bridleway PB18km
(Hayfield to Rushup Edge and back. A short, but hilly, trail adventure all on the PB)

High Peak 70/100km Ultra
(Looking for a fast 100km time? This race is for you. Some inclines and small hills to add variety with engaging trails and elements of the PB)

Yorkshire 3 Peak 70/100km Ultra
(A classic hill day, with a short section of the PB included. Ranger Ultras created the original ultra distance version of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks)

Pen Y Ghent 50km
(Hilly and undulating, a short section of PB, just nudging into ultra distance and a great day's trail running)

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